iglesia de san nicolas de bari en burgos

Art, history and prehistory, nature, gastronomy,, Burgos Burgos has enough attractions to spend several days discovering its treasures. El Cid and his legend are present in this rich history and the appearance of the city, which is traveled daily peregrinos who seek the Santiago Apostol.

Close to the cathedral is the dazzling Arco de Santa María, whose facade are sculptures of the most outstanding in the history of the city. Around it is the Church St. Nicholas of Bari, St. Giles or St. Stephen.

Burgos can not leave without strolling along Paseo del Espolón, the most emblematic of the city, where the elegant Teatro Principal.

Another must-see is the Casa del Cordón, built in the late fifteenth century, witnessed the death of Phillip "The Beautiful" and the enactment of the first declarations of human rights, sponsored by Fray Francisco de Vitoria, to protect indigenous people of America.

casa del cordon burgos

If we want to have a complete picture of the town up to the Mirador del Castillo, Burgos and source from which to contemplate all the historical, artistic and natural that the time has bequeathed to the city.

In the south of the city lies the Monastery of Santa Maria La Real de las Huelgas, which retains a tissue collections most interesting medieval Europe. Built by King Alfonso VIII of Castile, its architecture is a symbiosis of Christian and Muslim art.