estatua el cid en burgos

Burgos a territory where the historical origins of Castile provinc were gestated and where the Castilian language was born, is a province sown with incomparable and extremely beautiful simples of the cultural and artistic heritage. Its varied regions and towns are studded with churches, hermitages, monasteries, palaces, towers and castles from all times and styles. All of these remains are the unmistakable testimony of a dense and almost matchless history. Few territories can boast of such variety, quantity and quality of monuments. 

The landscape of the province of Burgos radically breaks with the cliché that identifies Castile with an enormous and arid plateau. Mountains and plains form a relief where the strong contrast of its elements stands out practically always. A gigantic and heterogeneous mosaic of ecosystems and natural landscape still to be discovered. The ideal place to forget about the stress of busy town life and let yourself be carried away by the murmur of the water and wind.

On your visit to Burgos will have possibility to enjoy all the attractions it has to offer, we recommend that you start by its historic center, and as for its Gothic cathedral and walk the streets will discover its history and present ....